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The Blood Witch downloadPDF, EPUB, MOBI

The Blood Witch by D S Nielsen

The Blood Witch
Author: D S Nielsen
Page Count: 358 pages
Published Date: 30 Apr 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781484060322
File size: 20 Mb
File Name: The.Blood.Witch.pdf
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The Blood Witch, Book 1 of The Blood Reign Chronicles A spellbinding epic dark fantasy adventure that will leave you wanting more! The Blood Witch, having been freed from her eternal prison, possesses the body of young Brigette and slaughters their entire village. Brigette's sweetheart, seventeen-year-old Jak, is the one responsible for releasing the witch's evil upon the world. Lured by her bewitching magic, Jak is tricked into freeing her and is now infected by the witch's insidious gift. He must fight to maintain his humanity as well as his sanity while trying to save Brigette. Having never left his isolated mountain village, he is now faced with horrifying creatures and diabolical dark magic in his quest to save Brigette. He finds help from a sagely old man and a stoic Tovani warrior, but they seek only to destroy the witch. Unwilling to admit that Brigette and The Blood Witch are now one and the same; Jak's choices may threaten everyone. Jak must battle the evil that is growing inside him in order to stop the witch and save Brigette. But the witch's gift may be his only salvation. Coming Soon, Retribution of the Damned, Book 2 in the epic dark fantasy series, The Blood Reign Chronicles. ..".Awesome read with so many twists and turns you will need a seatbelt while reading it! Author, D.S. Nielsen grabs up the reader, shakes them about lets them calm down and does it all again! ..".Brenda Smith Allen .."..This story has everything I love in one book, good characters, action, mystery, romance, paranormal, medieval, unlikely heroes. Loved it. Can't wait for the second one..."...C. Madrid A must read for fantasy fans, both teens and adults that are fans of classic sword and sorcery fantasy will love it. A new twist on classic fantasy, The Blood Witch combines tragedy, adventure, paranormal, and dark magic into a thrilling epic fantasy. The Blood Witch is the first book in the Blood Reign Chronicles (trilogy). Set in a world of traditional medieval fantasy where anything is possible. The Blood Witch will take you on an epic fantasy thrill ride where you will genuinely care about the characters. It is an adventure with legendary warriors, magic, and diabolical dark foes that will leave you wanting more. It will blur the lines between good and evil such that you aren't sure who to cheer for. Both young and old fantasy fans will love this intricate tale and vivid characters. If you want to read the best new epic fantasy series around, then you must read The Blood Witch. If you want a fantasy adventure that is "happily ever after" then this might not be the book for you. Blinded by his love for Brigette and hindered by his fear of Allysix, Jak embarks on an impossible journey. With the release of the witch, evil has been awakened and treachery threatens to ensnare him at every turn. Now Jak must battle the evil that is growing inside him in order to stop the witch and save Brigette. But the witch's gift may be his only salvation.

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